Expert WordPress, Woocommerce and Website Services

Hi, I’m Pete Evans, an experienced web developer and consultant based near Winchester in the UK

I specialise in WordPress and webstore development, digital solutions, integration, hosting and optimisation. I have worked on web projects for universities, major high street brands, government departments and global technology companies, as well as small business start ups and sole traders.

If you’d like to discuss any possible projects or work, or simply ask my advice, my contact details are at the bottom of this page. I’m friendly so don’t be shy!

Website and Webstore Consultancy

Would you like to add webstore functionality to an existing website? Or improve the functionality of an existing webstore. Do you have an existing website which isn’t working for you? I can help develop improved user experience, or create a custom theme.

WordPress Development

WordPress powers the vast majority of websites on the Internet, and thanks to its ease of use and large developer community and it’s easy to see why. However, no matter how easy it appears it still requires technical knowledge to set up optimise. I have actively worked on WordPress development projects since 2008 and can fix , set up or develop solutinos for all your requirements.

Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio

Do you want help finding out how your website is performing? Are visitors finding your site but not spending any time on it or completing an order? You can find out your visitors’ behaviour through a combination of analytical tools such as Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Data Studios.

Digital Transformation

Are you still using printed forms to complete work tasks? I can provide an easy to use and administer complete digital solution for employees creating documents stored within the cloud or your own archiving system, with many features including digital signing, partial saving and allowing completed forms to be edited. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Web Hosting and Maintenance

Making a site live is only half the story. It needs to be maintained, plugins, CMS and PHP all regularly updated. Without this your website is open to attack by hackers. If your site is already compromised I can cleanse and resurrect it. If you are looking for a secure and fast location for your website I can provide that too, with award winning WordPress optimised hosting solutions, or just help with the maintenance of your site in its current location, install and configure for SSLs.



Winchester, Hampshire
SO21 3EB


07952 896640